The "Checkitout!" Is the social network that shows you the best places to go on each day of the week, dividing them by category and price. Each venue has its own profile page in our platform, where the user can write a review, rate the quality of the place and post photos. The judgment of the best is done by summing the qualitative and critical ratings that have received credibility points. Those who access will always see at the top, the best reviews and photos; both on the venue profile page and on the daily feed of the platform, which lists the seven days of the week and their respective top venues. The consensus of the users and its friends is what determine the most well-rated venues.

The tool allows people access, view and choose where they want to go. The question we highlight is: who has never come across a doubt when leaving home and lost time deciding where to go? Or, had to choose a venue in the last minute and regret it as it was not as expected? Or even went to a place and "bumped with the closed sign" and did not know where to go?

For these and other issues, this is the reason which this platform brings the largest amount of data to be transmitted to the user dynamically and accurately. It is possible, in a few minutes, to form an opinion from other people, whether is your friend or not, who have clearly been able to express themselves. For thousands of years, word of mouth has become one of the most effective forms of advertising, and in the virtual age, it could not be different.

The market and competition have existed in this industry since the internet bubble of the early 2000s. But for the most part, they only provide basic information, usually from a random reviewer, generalizing many different experiences made in different periods, sometimes, even by someone from the platform management. Platforms that compete with each other are sometimes static, almost always have a similar structure, and opinions are not so different there. For these characteristics, it is possible to notice people's lack of interest and trust in these services.

The word "Check it out!" is often used over something which someone wants to show, or wants to be seen. In this context translates: check what it has to do better in the city, with friends who you trust most or references that can be ordinary people with credibility.

The system provides to the user some technological innovations and different reasoning that the market already knows and uses. But for the venue itself, "Checkitout!" becomes an opportunity to better express what your business offers, with visibility directed to your target audience. It is also a facilitator for advertising inserts without polluting the navigation of the same and going straight to the target. What "\"Check it out!"\" Proposes and does, for some will sound a bit strange, seen as abuse, but its function is to inform and expand the universe of those who use it, in order to take the person from the virtual scene and takes it to the real.