We have the best platform to find your favorite venues paying 50% Off in the final check,

without physical cards.

We connect restaurants & bars needs to food lovers desires,
and match their passion through better offers and incentives.

Find a restaurant or bar

Download our app and uncover the best daily offerings for each restaurant around you.

Register your experience

Rate your experience, take a picture and unlock
your discount sticker in real time.

Validate your %

After registering your experience,
show your post to the waiter when you pay
your check to use your discount.

How it works

• Interactive user experience with professional rating system.

• Find foodies with credibility and ask them for a good recommendation.

• Download and use the mobile application for free.


• Access to exclusive promotions: 30% - 50% OFF.

• Save money for a variety of good venues. Everyday.

• Choose the day you had your experience and rate it.

Your periodically frequency and loyalty to the venue will reward you and your friends.

For each day of the week

Your favorite restaurant or bar will provide you from 30% to 50% off

in your final check.

Therefore, at our daily feed, you can switch between days of the week.

Filter the best cuisines nearby, and explore the best restaurants and discounts listed at the daily feed.

You also can share discounts with your friends and discover different and new venues.


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